Ten Free Fashion Design Tools You Should Be Using

Important and useful fashion design tools and equipment

You should know the basics of sewing, pattering, and crafting if you're just starting out in fashion design. You have many tools and equipment that can make your job easier. Your fashion design friends can help you get ideas. We have listed some essential tools you should keep in your toolbox in this guide.

Here's a list of equipment and tools for fashion design

Comfortable pair

This is important for those who work with fabric every day. Card scissors are a good choice as they are heavy and have sharp blades. This scissors can be used to cut all kinds of fabrics, including silk, net, silk, cotton and wool, with sizes ranging from small to large.

2. Set of Block Patterns

A set of block patterns is essential for collaborations with fashion houses, companies, or designers. It will help you create flat patterns efficiently.

3. 5 mm Lead Pencil

This pencil is a great tool to make your patterns more visible.

4. A Kit (a set of squares, fashion curves and pattern makers)

Fashion designers will find this kit very helpful. This kit can be used to create patterns, mark in the hip-lines and add seam allowances and grain lines.

5. Professional Dress Stand

It's like making an investment by buying a dress stand.

6. Tape Measure

It is essential for fashion designers to use it to measure the places of patterns. You must measure everything you do, so don't forget to get a narrow tape measure.

7. Tape for adhesive styling

You can create a style design on a stand or three-dimensional design using cotton stay or adhesive styling tap with pins.

8. Sewing pins

Use colour-headed sewing pins for your projects. It may be necessary in a particular fabric, such as silk, lace or jersey.

9. Pattern Notcher

You can make this your friend and use it for many purposes.

10. Professional spot and cross-pattern maker

It is a widely used tool in the fashion industry, and fashion designers use this to create paper patterns. It is available in a variety of widths. You can also buy it in smaller quantities.

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